Moving to California, USA

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Moving to California, USA

When you have decided to move internationally to California USA, your initial thoughts may be to surf the internet to choose an accredited International moving company for your forthcoming international move to California. Only at Global Moving Leads you can be sure that four accredited international moving Companies will supply you with a quality quotation for you forthcoming emigration to California, U.S.

After you have submitted your international removal information to Global Moving Leads, you should be contacted by one of our associated international moving companies about your forthcoming move to California, USA. They will ask personal details about your overseas move, according to your specific international moving requirements. Depending on the volume of your international moving consignment they will perhaps arrange for an international moving surveyor to come to your residence at origin, to survey and assess the volume of your household removal effects, for your forthcoming move to California. They will ask personal details about your removal status for your forthcoming international move abroad to America. They will explain to you all of the different removal and shipping methods that are available to you about moving and shipping personal household effects abroad to California, USA. It is important that you discuss and supply them with all the essential information you have about your destination address in California, USA taking into consideration logistical limitations that may affect delivery of your removal consignment at your new address in America. It is important that they know what floor level and type of property your international consignment will be delivered to in California. They will inform you of the name of the International moving company that will be clearing and unpacking your removal effects which have been shipped overseas to California, USA. Should you fail to supply relevant information to these international removal companies, it can result in added extra costs being applied before you receive your International consignment after moving from your origin address to California, USA.

  • Should you be immigrating to California and know the State’s history you may be familiar with the terminology “Golden state”. California’s official nickname can be traced back to the discovery of gold in 1848, alongside with the golden fields off poppies that blossom across the state each spring, the flora is something to be seen to be believed after your shipping container has arrived in California.
  • You may be an outdoor enthusiast moving overseas and have a passion for dramatic views and endless terrain. California is home to sunning beaches, redwood forests and towering mountains. You’ll be happy to know that California has a giant sequoia tree in the King’s Canyon National Park. Due to its towering 300 feet, it was named the “Nations Christmas Tree”. You may want your origin international moving company to pack the tents and sleeping bags at the end of your container, so you can unpack them first when your shipping container arrives at your destination address in California, and head out to the hills or beaches to enjoy that outdoor life style.
  • California is home to the highest and lowest points in the United States. The lowest was named a haunting “death valley” after a group of pioneers got lost there during a winter in 1849 – though only one died, they all believed it would be their grave. Don’t let this put you off your visit to the wide expanse of desert, as in recent years the location now holds a National Park which you can safely visit. This is a fabulous place to visit after your shipping container has been delivered and your boxes unpacked by the destination international moving company.
  • In moving to America, you will soon become familiar with the holiday of Thanksgiving; a holiday made to celebrate the things you are thankful for. Though it correlates with a large amount of turkey eating! More turkeys are raised in California than any other state, so don’t worry about going hungry this holiday.
  • California has its very own avocado festival. Fallbrook, a town in the state, is considered the avocado capital of the world and hosts an annual festival in honour of it. The festival features competitions and endless entertainment for any age – so why not head down this year and join in on the fun. Should you be a festival lover moving overseas this is something that you should not miss.
  • Moving abroad and think you are a bit of a cowboy? You’re in luck, California runs an annual “Red Bluff Rodeo”, and event that brings thousands to watch a weeks’ worth of participants compete in wild bronc riding and roping. The event spreads though the community, bringing food races, street dances, parades, cook-offs and more.
  • If you are moving overseas and love concerts, the Hollywood Bowl is a theatre set against the backdrops of the Hollywood Hills where the famous Hollywood sign stands. It hosts hundreds of musical events each year, and was declared the largest outdoor amphitheatre in the world.

Please fill in the information box with all relevant information and one of our partner international moving companies will contact you in regards to your forthcoming overseas to the California, United States of America.  Should you require email contact only we would not recommend this option as there is many key factors to take into consideration when moving abroad to the USA?  We would highly recommend that you receive professional international moving advice by telephone or a home survey before you commit to an international move.  Not having the correct professional overseas moving information can result in you losing money and having problems with customs when your consignment has been moved overseas to Los Angeles Port in America, this could lead to problems with customs when your overseas consignment is being cleared in Los Angeles, California