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Moving to New York

Moving abroad to New York, is situated on one of the world’s largest harbours and consists of five boroughs, each of which is a separate county of New York State. The five boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island; they were all consolidated into the city of New York in 1898.When you choose to move abroad to New York America, it is good to know that the international moving companies that we partner with are experts in all kinds of International moving and shipping. When they contact you initially about your forthcoming international removal to New York, they will ask you many important questions about your forthcoming move, It is vital that you supply as much information as possible about your forthcoming removal to New York to ensure that you are made aware about all the entry and visa requirements for the international move overseas. From the moment that they receive your international removal enquiry from Global Moving Leads, they will contact you by email or telephone to ask you questions about your moving status. For larger international consignments it is highly recommended that you ask for an International removal survey to ensure that the volumes of your effects are accurate to avoid being overcharged at origin. This will ensure that the quotation they supply you with will be accurate with no hidden costs.

Moving to the famous New York? There are a few things you ought to know.

  • Moving abroad to New York, is situated on one of the world’s largest harbours and consists of five boroughs, each of which is a separate county of New York State. The five boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island; they were all consolidated into the city of New York in 1898.
  • New York is also a Global power city and has a huge impact on commerce, finance, art, education and entertainment, it is also were the headquarters of the United Nations are based, not to mention that New York USA is also described as the financial capital of the world, a perfect place to base yourself after your international move if you are thriving for power in your relocation.
  • Moving to New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States, it has a population of 8 million, representing one-third of the entire states population. However the population of the entire New York area is closer to 12 million. Unusually, the population divide between men and women is close to equal, 52% of it being female.
  • When relocating to your new destination you will hear the name ‘The Big Apple’, which was the nickname given to the state in an estimated 1920’s, no one is quite sure why it was originated, but it is now globally known.
  • After your international move, you will be delighted to know that the renowned Statue of Liberty is homed in New York on Liberty Island, down in the New York Harbour. A perfect place to visit to start your adventure in your new home state.
  • New York is also home to the Empire State Building, considered the world’s tallest structure in 1972, and again until 2012 after the Twin Towers had fallen in 2001. Why not head over to this tower after your consignment shipment has arrived and take a tour, these days it is available to have a tour of the 103 story building, where you can reach the 86th floor and experience the ‘observation deck’, created for visitors to behold the one-of-a-kind beautiful expanse of New York City, an ideal place to take a loved one. Despite the elevator that can take you on your journey through the building in under a minute, there is an annual ‘Empire state building run-up’. A once a year chance for you to challenge other runners up 86 flights on 1,576 stairs, make sure you catch a glimpse of the floor entirely dedicated to napping in your international adventure to New York City. After the international moving company has unpacked and delivered your removal consignment, the Empire State building is a great way to see the great city of New York from a sky line view.
  • Moving abroad with your family? It a normal reaction to want to give your children a highly achieved education, and aside from there being a large range of brilliant universities in this state, more than 47% of the New York City’s population, over the age of 5, can speak an additional language. Not to mention the diversity of the state can be of incredible learning value to a young mind, bringing a new perception and understanding of different cultures could be highly beneficial, and New York has the largest Chinese and Puerto Rican population of any city in the world.
  • In a large city filled with endless opportunity, you’re going to find the more than unusual job here and there, for example, there is a man in the city who mines the sidewalk cracks for gold – sound insane? He can make over $600 a week! This city is built for the dreamers, so if you’ve got a goal that sounds impossible, this is the place to achieve it after the delivery of your overseas shipping consignment.
  • However, after your international relocation - in a state made for accomplishment, it can be rather pricey - for instance it can cost over $289,000 for a one-year hot dog stand permit in Central park; the booming 800 acre green of the state. If you’re considering this state as an overseas home, be prepared for the highly strung finance.
  • Times Square, also known as ‘the centre of the universe’, is a definite place to visit once you have completed your international removal. People have long visited the district to watch election results, sporting events, see Broadway productions and celebrate the New Year’s Eve ball drop. As the most iconic and popular places in New York City, this timeless location features endless attractions for you to see.

International removal Companies use three methods of shipping for a move to New York, America

  1. International removal, sole use shipping container which takes 7 to 8 weeks to New York, USA door to door
  2. International removal, group age container 9 to 12 weeks depending on your chosen New York, America
  3. Global airfreight 7 to 10 days’ door to door to New York, America door to door

Please fill in the information box with all relevant information and one of our accredited international moving partners will contact you in regards to your forthcoming international move to New York, USA. There are many factors to take into consideration when moving abroad to the United States of America and we would highly recommend that you receive professional international moving advice by telephone or a home survey before you commit to an overseas move Not having the correct professional international moving information can result in you losing money and having problems with customs when your international consignment has been shipped to New York, America