Moving to Texas, USA

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Moving to Texas, USA

When you choose to immigrate to Texas USA, it’s good to know that the moving companies that we are associated with are experts in all kinds of International moving. They have expert knowledge in all aspects of international moving. When they contact you about your forthcoming move to Texas America, they will ask you many questions about your forthcoming move to. It is vital that you supply as much information as possible about your forthcoming overseas move to ensure that you are made aware about all the entry and visa requirements before you commit to a new life in America. From the moment that they receive your international moving enquiry from Global Moving Leads, they will contact you by email or telephone to ask you questions about your moving status for your forthcoming move to Texas, United States of America.  For larger overseas consignments it is highly recommended that you ask for a home survey to ensure that the volume of your effects are accurate to avoid being overcharged at origin.

  • Moving to Texas, it’s also known as the “Lone star state” as a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico, you can find the star on the state flag and seal.
  • After your removal to Texas, it is typical to picture a desert with cacti and tumble wheels, due to the association with cowboy films. However only 10% of the area is desert. Most of the state is grasslands, forest and coastline. Something you will notice after your overseas removal to this state.
  • After your international relocation, you’ll be familiar with National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. Many an ear has perked up at the sound of this government agency, and if you’re planning to move to Texas USA and have an interest in space and aeronautics, the Space Centre Houston offers interactive displays engineered by NASA “Houston” was also the first word spoken on the moon on July 20th 1969 by Neil Armstrong.
  • Looking to relocate somewhere bustling with people? Texas has three of the most populous cities in the US – Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. The population being 26 million, not including the 14 million cattle, where more wool comes from than any other state, so you won’t be going cold in your new overseas destination.
  • If you’re moving to Austin, you’ll be on the edge of Texas as it’s state capitol. This location is buzzing with life, as it is considered the “live music capital of the world” people travel across the globe to come play here. It is also the centre for film, with a diverse landscape a “year-round” temperature climate and countless accommodation and opportunity across the capitol, it’s no wonder why film makers use Texas so often.
  • Relocating overseas as an avid explorer? Texas has abundant parks and lakes, which are popular for hiking, swimming, boating, biking – pretty much most outdoor activities you can think of are possible here.
  • Moving to Dallas, you’ll find it is considered the commercial and cultural hub of the region. It homes the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and the opportunity to visit art districts such as the Dallas Museum of Art. It would be surprising if you had never heard a whisper about the Dallas cowboys, the famous professional American football team who compete in the National Football League. They are also hugely known for their famously beautiful cheerleading team, who are regarded as one of the best cheerleading squads in the NFL.
  • Moving to Texas as a big fan of weird and spicy food? The Jalapeno pepper jelly was invented and first marketed in Lake Jackson, Texas. The state is known for some weird foods, like brisket tacos, fried okra and chicken fried steak – a great place to relocate to if you want your taste-buds to experience a new adventure.

International Moving Companies use three methods of shipping for a move to America, Texas.

  1. International sole use shipping container which takes 7 to 8 weeks to Texas, USA door to door

International groupage shipping container 9 to 12 weeks depending on your chosen

  1. Texas, America door to door
  2. Global airfreight 7 to 10 days’ door to door to Texas, USA door to door

Please fill in the information box with all relevant information and one of our accredited international moving partners will contact you in regards to your forthcoming international move to America Should you require email contact we would not recommend this option as there is many factors to take into consideration when moving abroad and we would highly recommend that you receive professional international moving advice by telephone or a home survey before you commit to an overseas move Not having the correct professional international moving information can result in you losing money and having problems with customs when your household effects have been shipped to the United States of America.